Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship

I organized the Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship conference together with 2 colleagues from UVT FEAA MSODSA. The event took place on the 15th of January 2016 at the recently inaugurated INCDEMC Renewable Energies Laboratory, in Timisoara, Romania. The mission of our project was to present to our audience all the steps involved in getting from a technical innovative idea to an actual competitive product for the market.

Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Agenda and Speakers

Delta Platform 3D Printer & Symme3D Company Presentation

Calin Brandabur – founder & CEO at Symme3D

Calin Brandabur presenting Symme3D

The Impact of Technological Trends in Society and Economy

Alexandru Roja – dr. lect. at UVT FEAA Timisoara

Alexandru Roja presenting The Impact of Technological Trends in Society and Economy

Startup and Spinoff

Marius Mirica – director of Applied Electro-Chemistry department at INCEMC Timișoara

Marius Mirica presenting Startup and Spinoff

Technological Management and Funding Resources

Valentin Munteanu – dr. prof. at FEAA UVT Timisoara

Valentin Munteanu presenting Technological Management and Funding Resources

Innovation Management

Mihai Putz – conf. dr. prof. at UVT, researcher INCEMC Timisoara

Mihai Putz presenting Innovation Management

Funding Resources for Green Technological Innovation

Nick Birsan – president at Eco Nautic Club Timisoara

Nick Birsan presenting Funding Resources for Green Technological Innovation


INCDEMC Renewable Energies Laboratory

Launched in December 2015, the laboratory is a state of the art research facility, energetically and thermally self-sustaining and the 2nd one of its kind in Europe. The projects developed here are focused on the areas of solar – photovoltaics renewable energies research & development.

The very qualified personnel benefits from the latest modern equipment brought from Holland, America, Israel, Germany, Italy & Great Britain, the most impressive one being the Titan atomic level microscope, the only one this powerful in the Eastern Europe region.  |  Aurel Paunescu-Podeanu 144, Timisoara, Romania 

Symme3D – Delta Platform 3D Printer made in Romania

Founded by Calin Brandabur in July 2015, Symme3D is a very successful and innovative company from Timisoara, currently focused on building Multi-functional Delta Platforms for 3D Printing, PCB Milling, Laser Engraving, Pick and Place; full-featured, compact and easy to use, their products are described as The iPhone of 3D Printers.

Symme3D has won numerous awards, the latest one with just a day before the Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship conference – Get In The Ring heavyweight regional Eastern Europe Champion (Bulgaria, Sofia January 2016). With a healthy business and growing customer base, after just half a year since their launch, the company already has in its portfolio collaborations with partners like Renault & Continental.  |  [email protected]

Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Photos

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