Workflow Foundation presentation at Microsoft Summit

I was a speaker at Microsoft Summit 2015, where I presented Windows Workflow Foundation. The conference took place in Bucharest, Romania, at the Parliament Palace.

I held the presentation on the 4th of November, in the Human Rights Hall – a very impressive conference room. I was happy to see so many people interested in Workflow Foundation, a not so well known technology from the Microsoft .Net stack:

Andrei Oros presenting Windows Workflow Foundation at Microsoft Summit 2015

Windows Workflow Foundation presentation

The purpose of the session (part of the “I am a Developer” conference  track) was to show an overview of WF: history, architecture, use cases, technology, future. The complete presentation is embedded below:

Windows Workflow Foundation demo

I ended my session with a demo, in which I showcased:

  • an extended Rehosted Workflow Designer (open-sourced on github): real-time execution log + output, 460+ system activities + custom ones, WF operations (design, save, open, start, stop)
  • Workflow which connects to Azure & powers on / off a Virtual Machine

Windows Workflow Foundation Rehosted Designer

  • Workflow to demonstrate the State Machine concept: it monitors a critical Windows Service & notifies via SMS when it’s state (running / stopped) changes

Windows Workflow Foundation State Machine

 Microsoft Summit 2015

  • the location (Palace of the Parliament) is impressive
  • good networking opportunities (~2100 participants)
  • cool talks – xamarin, edge, azure, iot, uwp, uber.. and also wf 🙂
  • nice tech showcases (virtual reality, bmw i3 & i8, ..)

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